Main LIne Times Covers Second Annual Art In Sharpe Park

Haverford Civic Association not a ‘fly-by-night organization’

Published: Friday, August 10, 2012

 By Maggie Henry Corcoran

Haverford Civic Association board members Tim Shapiro of Haverford and his wife, Karen, Jane Carton of Haverford, Tash Duff of Haverford and Scott Zelov of Haverford support the neighborhood event. PHOTO BY MAGGIE HENRY CORCORAN

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On June 9 the Haverford Civic Association hosted “Art in Sharpe Park.” Haverford Civic Association members, friends and families strolled the park browsing over the vendors of art and crafts items. The ever-motivated committee headed by Jane Carton and friends got things going with interesting vendors and even included a gourmet hot-dog stand. With the money raised going toward the purchase of bird-friendly plantings for the park and their mission to start a collection of bird houses to be installed to attract various species… this is no fly-by-night operation. It’s strictly for the birds!


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