Each year at this time, we reach out to our Haverford neighbors and business owners and ask that they join, or renew their membership in, the Haverford Civic Association (“HCA”).  The HCA is a not-for-profit organization that promotes community strength, acts as a liaison between residents and government, manages neighborhood beautification, celebrates our open space, supports local festivities and provides a voice to the Federation of Civic Associations.  The HCA board is comprised of Haverford residents who serve voluntarily and meet monthly (July and August excepted).

This past year, HCA met with local residents or business owners in seven matters before the township, planted and maintained Haverford Station Road (which received a horticultural award) maintained the planters at the Haverford train station, assisted in the promotion of Sharpe Park and Bird Sanctuary with the Garden Workers,  sponsored the Second Annual “Art in Sharpe Park,” installed and maintained the seasonal “snowflakes” along Lancaster Avenue and acted on key matters brought before the Lower Merion Federation of Civic Associations.

HCA typically holds an annual gathering in Sharpe Park in September of each year.  Due to scheduling conflicts, holiday schedules and daylight savings time, a suitable date was not found.  As such, Twilight in the Park will not be held this year.

We do offer an alternative.  We are very pleased to announce that John Fry, the president of Drexel University and a resident of Haverford, will address the HCA on November 20, 2012.  Mr. Fry will give a very informative presentation followed by a question and answer session.  We invite all Haverford residents and business owners to attend this most interesting event.  Admission is complimentary.

As an added bonus, you will also be able to meet and greet three township commissioners affiliated with HCA, Steven K. Lindner of Ward 4 (south of Montgomery Ave), Cheryl B. Gelber, Esq. of Ward 5 (East of Grays Lane) and V. Scott Zelov of Ward 10 (west of Grays Lane).

Please consider a new or renewal membership in the Haverford Civic Association.  Your contribution is our sole source of funding.  Help us support community betterment and foster good will and a spirit of cooperation within Haverford.

Once again, PLEASE JOIN HCA and spread the word………

 November 20, 2012 from 7:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

John Fry, president of Drexel University,

will address the Haverford Civic Association at the Merion Cricket Club, Montgomery Avenue, Haverford

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Telephone #:   ____________________________________________________________________

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Enclosed are my annual dues in the amount of

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I have also enclosed an additional $________ for:

  __ Twilight in the Park Event  __ Haverford Civic Discretion  __  a Sharpe Park Birdhouse

Please make your check payable to Haverford Civic Association and mail with the membership application to:

Haverford Civic Association, P.O. Box 43, Haverford, PA 19041, or bring this form with you on Nov 20th.

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