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The Haverford Civic Association meets September through June on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30PM at the Merion Cricket Club. We encourage all members and residents of Haverford to attend these meetings and learn about our community efforts. We hope you will consider joining!

Yearly membership costs are $30 per family and $100 for businesses. Dues are paid by calendar year. Dues should be paid by April 1st, but are welcome at any time. Members joining between June 1st and November 1st pay half price; dues paid in November or December are credited to the following year.

We now accept membership dues or additional donations through PayPal using PayPal accounts or credit cards. The bottom two buttons below support monthly recurring payments as well and can be used to make ongoing contributions to us for your annual dues and more. You can also use those buttons to pay half-price dues (choose your own amount and add a note regarding the half-year payment).

Donation Type
$30 Family Membership (One-time Donation) Donate with PayPal button
$100 Business Supporters/Other (One-time Donation) Donate with PayPal button
Snowflakes (any amount, one-time or monthly) Donate with PayPal button
Where it can best be used (any amount, one-time or monthly) Donate with PayPal button

Thank you for supporting the Haverford Civic Association!

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