President’s Message

Welcome to the Haverford Civic Association (HCA) website. The HCA supports the Haverford community and strives to foster communication and community spirit while supporting the interests of neighbors, businesses and service providers. We are proud of our long legacy of service to the community and ask that you consider membership and attendance at our meetings and sponsored events.

Through dues and contributions, the HCA supports many civic activities, the cornerstone of which is the annual Twilight in the Park – Haverford Neighbor’s Night Out.  HCA also sponsors speakers series, seminars with township leaders and our spring event, Art in Sharpe Park, the proceeds from which will support the Garden Workers beautification and maintenance of our lovely Haverford park.  The HCA is also a voice in historic and cultural matters as well as long range planning initiatives.

The HCA consists of a volunteer Board of Directors and committees. The Board meetings convene September through June on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM at the Merion Cricket Club. We encourage all members, residents of Haverford and local business owners to attend the meetings and learn about our community efforts. Yearly membership dues are $30 per family and $100 for business and institutional sponsorships.  In addition, we hope you will visit this website often to learn about current issues and community events and drop us a note.

I want to thank our past and present Board members, who volunteer their time and talent on behalf of the Haverford community, as well as our resident members and business sponsors, who are all committed to the betterment of our Haverford community, and to our three neighborhood township commissioners, Anthony C. Stevenson, Ed. D. (Ward 4), Ray A. Courtney (Ward 5), and V. Scott Zelov (Ward 10) for their continued support of our community efforts and attendance at our board meetings.

Hala Imms
President, Haverford Civic Association

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