President’s Message

Thanks for your interest in the Haverford Civic Association and our community!

HCA strives to foster community spirit and advance dialog with Lower Merion Township government on issues that affect us. As a member civic of the Federation of Civic Associations of Lower Merion and Narberth and through our direct engagement, we are a voice in planning initiatives as well as cultural and historic matters. We are proud of our legacy of service to the community and encourage you to join us through membership, annual dues, and attendance at our meetings and sponsored events!

I personally describe Haverford as the “breath” between Ardmore and Bryn Mawr – a calmer moment between two very vibrant communities. It’s truly a wonderful place to live and I’m proud of the work we do to maintain this calm while supporting positive growth in Lower Merion.

Ours is a diverse area, with large estates and elegant residences, single-family homes and traditional twins, quiet condominiums, affordable apartments on convenient transit routes, and a wide variety of active businesses and institutions. The Haverford Station Historic District and many individually designated Class 1 and Class 2 Historic Resources lie within our boundaries, and the balance of historic preservation with smart development and gentle density objectives is a key area of interest for many of us. We are also committed to a number of broader community objectives such as public safety and environmental sustainability.

HCA is keenly aware of many recent and anticipated changes to our community; we count on member involvement to understand the effect. It’s through your eyes and ears that we build the greatest understanding and community value.

Our elected Executive Committee and volunteer Board of Directors meet on the second Tuesday of each month, September through June, at 7 PM at the Merion Cricket Club. We encourage all members, residents of Haverford, institutional representatives, and local business owners to attend and participate. In addition, we hope you will visit this website often to learn about current issues and community events. Drop us a note with any issues or concern you feel we should address.

Yearly membership dues are $30 per family and $100 for business and institutional sponsorships. Through dues and contributions, the HCA supports civic activities such as Twilight in the Park and Art in Sharpe Park; we support the Garden Workers in their efforts to beautify and maintain our lovely park. We sponsor speakers at our meetings as well as seminars with township leaders. And we “keep the lights on” through our financial agreement with Lower Merion Township, ensuring placement of the snowflake lights on Lancaster Avenue through our Haverford community area.

Thank you, members, for your continued support. Special thanks to our Board members, who volunteer their time and talent on behalf of the Haverford community, and the Commissioners who represent us in Lower Merion Township government. We appreciate the engaged attendance at our board meetings and open dialog around community issues. Let’s keep it up!

Mo Gillen
President, Haverford Civic Association

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