Planters Revamped for the Season

Thanks, neighbors, for the beautiful seasonal planter arrangement at Haverford Station for Winter 22-23!!

Such a nice way to welcome travelers to Haverford!

Haverford Civic Association appreciates you!!

Developing Haverford Station

The Haverford Civic Association hopes to interest a developer/contractor in rehabbing and tenanting empty spaces of the historic Haverford Station.

This train station is owned by AMTRAK, who, in exchange for repairs and improvements, would be willing to make a long-term, below-market master lease. After rehabilitation, the developer would then lease space out at the station to develop cash flow.

With the right team, members of the community could potentially become investors in the project. 

If you would like further details, please contact us at  

Please share this post with any area developers you may know!

Disclaimer: The Haverford Civic Association is acting as a “Friend of the Station” in this matter and has no ownership in or authority over the Haverford Station. While it believes information provided to be accurate, the Haverford Civic Association takes no responsibility for the outcome of any actions regarding Haverford Station.

Pennswood Road Bridge Reopened

The Pennswood Road Bridge in Bryn Mawr was reopened on December 16, 2021, after being closed for 17 months for reconstruction.

Huge thanks to Commissioners Scott Zelov and Anthony Stevenson, shown here cutting a ceremonial ribbon. They were pleased to report that the project was completed five months ahead of schedule!

“It is a beauty,” said Commissioner Zelov. “I hope you will take a drive or a walk over it to appreciate the exceptional masonry and detail.”

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