x – Meeting Minutes April 10, 2012

Meeting of the Board of Directors
April 10, 2012
Merion Cricket Club


Attending: Wayne Hunt, President; Tom Wilkinson, Vice President; Lorraine Jones, Treasurer; Jane Carton, Secretary; Ged Boudreau, Tash Duff, Kerstin Humann, Hala Imms, Ann Mezey, Andy Orr, Karen Shapiro, Lee Tabas

Excused: Stephen Billings, Commissioner Cheryl Gelber, Tony Vale, Chris Robinson

No Response: Linda Aversa-Caldwell, Shelley Brietling, Andrew Bruckner, Stephen Lee, Frank Leto, Cary McClain, Steven Mezrow, Carol Rando, Paul Simpson, Andrea Straub

Commissioners: Steven Lindner, Scott Zelov

Wayne Hunt convened the meeting at 7:35 pm.

Approval of the Minutes of the March 13, 2012 Board of Directors’ Meeting – Ged Boudreau moved that the minutes be approved, seconded by Lee Tabas and approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Lorraine Jones reported that the current funds in the treasury amount to $3,415.62.

Sharpe Park – Wayne thanked Ged and Chris Robinson for organizing a meeting with the Garden Workers on April 1st attended by Jane Carton, Scott Zelov and himself to prioritize needs as they might apply to volunteers and funding from the HCA. It was determined that the most pressing need is manpower. Scott suggested that Ginny Williams, the Garden Workers township liaison, send an action items list to the township requesting assistance in tree pruning, foot path and fence repair. Lindsay Taylor promptly responded to the request and provided a time line for the repairs and tree work. Wayne thanked Scott for his assistance in expediting the township’s cooperative response. Andy Orr suggested that we post the need for volunteer manpower, to be overseen by the Garden Workers, on our website. Jane motioned that the HCA sponsor a “For the Birds” initiative to install bird houses, designed specifically for various species, throughout the park. Wayne seconded the motion, and it was enthusiastically approved. Andy suggested that we initiate a “Build a Birdhouse” campaign replicating and identifying Main Line mansions for the birds to nest in. The suggestion was overwhelmingly received.

Art in Sharpe Park – Kerstin Humann agreed to chair the Promotion/PR for the event. Jane and Tash Duff will attend all three upcoming “Clover Market” events to seek out possible artisans to add to the mix of participants.

Commissioner’s Report

Scott Zelov (Ward 10)

  • The Acme is scheduled to open in late May. All present were enthusiastic about the newly installed designated turn lanes at the Lancaster and Pennswood Avenue intersection.
  • The Ludington Library is scheduled to reopen in June.
  • Township commissioners voted unanimously to use part of the 2011 revenue windfall to avoid a tax increase for LM Twp. property owners in 2013. Another portion of the monies will go into the capital projects fund to reduce needs for future borrowing. Smaller amounts will go into the equipment fund to buy vehicles and equipment and to cover costs for some insurance issues.
  • The BOC voted unanimously to pledge $250,000 towards a matching fund grant application to support the reopening of the Manayunk bridge. This project will provide the link to extend the Cynwyd trail across the river into Manayunk.

Steven Lindner (Ward 4)

  • The Haverford School student parking on Booth, Barrett and Old Lancaster Avenues, remains a problem. In an effort to establish a “Good Neighbor” policy, the school has been asked to develop and distribute “Where Not To Park” maps to students on the opening day of the Fall 2012 school year.
  • Although the Lower Merion Police Department “Pilot Dispatch Program” is in effect, Lower Merion residents can still call 911, or 610-642-4200 during emergencies without any lagging difference in response time.

Federation of Civics Report – No report as the meeting was not held due to the Easter/Passover holidays.

New Business – None.

Next Meeting Date – Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 7:30 p.m at the Merion Cricket Club 2nd Floor Board Room.
Guest Speaker will be Superintendent of Police, Michael J. McGrath.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Carton, Secretary

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