x – Meeting Minutes – January 11, 2011

Special Meeting of the Board of Directors
January 11, 2011
Merion Cricket Club


The meeting convened at 7:30 PM, chaired by President Wayne Hunt

Attending: Wayne Hunt, President; Stephen Billings, 1st Vice President; Tom Wilkinson, Esq., 2nd Vice President; Lorraine Jones, Treasurer; Jane Carton, Secretary; Tash Duff, Kirsten Humann, Andy Orr, Lee Tabas, Anthony Vale
Commissioners: Sheryl Gelber, Steven Lindner, Scott Zelov
Excused: George McFarland
Absent: Shelly Brietling, Elizabeth Kuensell, Stephen Lee, Francis Leto, Cary McClain, Steven Mezrow, Carol Rando, Polly Richman, Karen Shapiro, Paul Simpson, Andrea Straub, Vinnie West

1. Approval of Minutes of the November 17, 2010 meeting – Wayne noted that there were no minutes taken at the November 9th “Meet Supt. McGinley of the Lower Merion School District?” and the December 7th “Meet the Township Officials” meetings. Wayne welcomed new members, Tash Duff and George McFarland and thanked the members who served through 2010.

2. Treasurer’s Report – Lorraine Jones reported that there is $7,513.00 in available funds. There are no outstanding bills. Lorraine noted that the banking account has been changed from Wachovia to First Trust.

3. “Art in Sharpe Park” – Jane Carton reported that she, Wayne and Lorraine will meet with Township Parks and Recreation Director, Lindsay Taylor, on Friday, January 14, to discuss the preliminary concept of this family oriented event scheduled for a Saturday in May, 2011.
Action: The meeting report will be included in the February agenda.
Jane displayed the framed 2010 Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Community Greening
Award presented to the Haverford Station Road streetscape project sponsored by the HCA.

4. Website Update – Andy Orr presented a skeleton of the rehabilitated HCA website, which includes our mission statement, photo galleries, board and members listing, business
supporters listing, a schedule of upcoming programs and events, news, meeting minutes and a designated space for issues and visitor’s comments.
Action: Andy noted that the site should be up and running by the end of January.

5. Federation of Civics Report – Prior to the liaison’s report, Wayne remarked that there is a timing issue with the Federation’s agenda vs. HCA’s monthly meeting schedule. Wayne suggested that, in the future, the Federation provide the civics with at least 60 days notice of issues in need of discussion. As the HCA meets on the second Tuesday of each month and the Federation meets the previous day on the second Monday of each month, our civic does not have adequate time to digest, review and discuss the agenda items, such as “sharing remarks about three most important events/issues for your civic association.”
Action: Wayne has corresponded with Leigh Ann Smith, President of the Federation and will provide an update at the February meeting.

Stephen Billings, the Federation liaison, presented a summary of the January 10th meeting.

• The BOC approved a 2011 Real Estate Tax increase of 10.8 percent.
• A Human Relations ordinance was adopted prohibiting sexual minorities discrimination.
• Interviews are being conducted to fill Commissioner Bruce Reed’s vacancy and two openings on the EAC.
• Three flu deaths have been reported within Montgomery County.
• Federation requests civics provide a representative to be present at the January 31st. Planning Commission/ Comprehensive Plan/Issues meeting 7-9 p.m.
• Historic street signs replacement issue. (See Commissioner’s report)
• 1600 parking meters are scheduled to be replaced by spring 2011. A ten minute free time period will be allowed to make change or complete a quick errand.

The following items were presented to the Federation as significant / important to Haverford Civic:

• The 2011 LM Township budget and 10.8% tax increase.
• The 2011 LM School Board budget and tax increase (LMSD represents some 77% of residents’ tax bills).
• The continued resistance to massive billboards.
• The support of LM historic street signs.
• The replacement of the Pennswood bridge (even though it’s in Bryn Mawr).

6. Commissioner’s Reports –

Steven Lindner (Ward 4) reported that an applicant on Bartlett Ave in Haverford, located within the Haverford Station Historic District, requested a Certificate of Appropriateness to install black photovoltaic solar roof panels. After reviewing the applicant’s presentation, HARB recommended approval subject to the panels being installed parallel to the existing asphalt roof slope and not be more than 6” above the roof surface. HARB cautioned that the approval should not be seen as precedent setting. Each future application will be reviewed on its own merits.

Steven announced that in advance of the impending snow storm, Ardmore’s regularly scheduled January 12th trash pickup will be cancelled to assist the public works crews in the roadway clean up. Trash pickup will be resumed on Wednesday, January 19th.

Scott Zelov (Ward 10) expanded on the subject of the Real Estate Tax Increase. In an 8 to 5 vote, the 10.8 % increase passed. 16% of the Township budget is ongoing with a 5.5% increase in expenditures.

Philadelphia awarded 1.3 million dollars to facilitate the Manayunk RR bridge connect to the Cynwyd Heritage Trail.

There will be a day of service clean up along the Schuylkill on Martin Luther King Day, January 17th at 9:30 a.m. Participating volunteers will meet at the Cynwyd train station.

The ongoing Bryn Mawr Lancaster Avenue bill board proposal remains an issue. Scott stated that Lower Merion stands firm in opposition and remains in support of Haverford Twp. in objecting the plan.

In response to this meeting’s agenda notice of the pending historic street signs issue, Scott emailed a resolution to the board for consideration that was recently approved by the ArdWood Civic.

RESOLUTION: Whereas Lower Merion Township’s existing cast iron aluminum street signs possess historic significance and are character defining objects in our community, whereas these existing street signs have contributed to the quality of life in our neighborhoods for nearly 100 years, whereas these signs are far more durable than those proposed under the Federal Government’s MUTCD standard, and whereas we oppose the spending of Township funds (estimated at $300.00. in the CIP) to replace the Township’s existing historic street signs, we hereby respectfully request that the Board of Commissioners of Lower Merion Township take whatever actions are necessary to prevent the removal of the Townships’ existing cast iron/cast aluminum street signs to preserve them in-sito.

Action: Haverford Civic will vote on a similar resolution at the February meeting.

Cheryl Gelber (Ward 5) reported on the recent deer culling. 127 deer were taken down, including 86 does and 41 bucks, which would result in a projected reduction of 172 fawns. On the last two days of the culling, sharp shooters had a hard time finding any remaining deer.

Storm water problems continue.

7. New Business – None.

8. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m.

9. Next board meeting – Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 7:30 p.m at the Merion Cricket Club. All Haverford residents are welcome!

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Carton, Secretary

January 13, 2011

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